Thursday, May 21, 2009

Food In Small Places

I kept puzzling about how I might use this small strip about 4 feet wide and 12 feet long which lines my alleyway behind the main garden. The strip gets some sun, but not alot. The soil was poor and somewhat stoney too, but I settled on making it a potato bed and sheet-mulched it over before adding another foot or so of soil.

All important places require names, so I've dubbed this one the Dan Quayle (sp?) Spuds for Spelling Bed!

This photo was taken about a month ago. By now in mid May, these starts are alreadly about knee high. I'll have potatoes within another 3o days or so.

I'm finding an increasing number of amazing small places where I can tuck delicious things. For these spaces, it's not so much about a crop as it is about making treats for individual meals. It's also nice just to do drive-by munching on some of them while I'm out working.

There's almost no such thing as not enough space to garden.
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m.scott said...

I agree, i have a very tiny space here in my rented house, but I'm making the most of what I have. good work so far! Keep it up.

taruu :: David Stucky said...

You go! Sorry I missed your post here (I have precious few collaborators as yet and really ought to treat them better!)

Thanks for the encouragement. This has been a long awaited and exciting year of garden building. Some small dreams realized.

And...lots more weeding and watering!